SBI Life - Group Criti9 is a traditional non participating Group Health Plan. This plan provides protection against 9 critical illnesses where Sum Assured is paid in lump sum on diagnosis of any one of covered critical illnesses. So provides you money at time when you need it most.

Key Features:

Simultaneous safety and protection against 9 Critical Illnesses

Simplified joining process

Guaranteed renewability till 65 years of age

Tax benefit under section 80D of IT Act#, 1961  


# Applicable when premiums are paid by the insured members. Subject to change in the tax laws. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

Critical Illnesses covered:



Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)


Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Kidney Failure (End Stage Renal Disease)

Major Organ Transplant


Multiple Sclerosis

Heart Valve Surgery

Please refer to the schedule of critical illnesses for further details



This plan is offered to different groups like employee-employer relationship, credit life groups, customers of bank / financial institutions, depositors groups etc.

SBI Life will issue a Group Master Policy to the Group Master Policyholder based on details contained in the proposal form. Group Members may be enrolled either on a voluntary or compulsory participation basis as decided by master policyholder.

Group Size:

Minimum 50 members


Entry from minimum age of 18 yrs till the maximum age of 55 yrs.

Sum Assured:

Sum assured can be selected in the following ways:


Uniform for all members


As a multiples of salary


As grade wise cover


     Minimum sum assured is Rs. 25,000/- and maximum sum assured is Rs. 500,000/-.

Sum Assured is payable in one lump sum on diagnosis of any one of covered critical illness provided:

Survival for a period of 30 days after the date of diagnosis

Submission of necessary documents

Waiting Period:

The insured member can avail the benefits after 90 days of the date of commencement or date of revival

Other Policy Details:

Nomination is compulsory

Level Premiums payable annually in advance for the cover term.

Cover Term: Minimum of 2 yrs and maximum of 5 yrs

Cover can be renewed till 65 yrs of age subject to max cover term of 5 yrs and premium rates / age are reviewed at the time of renewal.

Grace period of 30 days on annual renewal date

Revival facility is available within 6 months from the first unpaid premium due date

The above information is a brief summary of SBI Life - Group Criti9.

Prohibition of Rebates:
Section 41 of Insurance Act 1938 states:
No person shall allow or offer to allow, either directly or indirectly, as an inducement to any person to take out or renew or continue an insurance in respect of any kind of risk relating to lives or property in India, any rebate of the whole or part of the commission payable or any rebate of the premium shown on the policy, nor shall any person taking out or renewing or continuing a policy accept any rebate, except such rebates as may be allowed in accordance with the published prospectuses or tables of the insurer.

Section 45 of Insurance Act, 1938 states:
No Policy of life insurance effected before the commencement of this Act shall after the expiry of two years from the date of commencement of this Act and no policy of life insurance effected after the coming into force of this Act shall, after the expiry of two years from the date on which it was effected, be called in question by an insurer on the ground that a statement made in the proposal for insurance or in any report of a medical officer, or referee, or friend of the insured, or in any other document leading to the issue of the policy, was inaccurate or false, unless the insurer shows that such statement was on a material matter or suppressed facts which it was material to disclose and that it was fraudulently made by the policy-holder and that the policy holder knew at the time of making it that the statement was false or that it suppressed facts which it was material to disclose;
Provided that nothing in this section shall prevent the insurer from calling for proof of age at any time if he is entitled to do so, and no policy shall be deemed to be called in question merely because the terms of the policy are adjusted on subsequent proof that the age of the life insured was incorrectly stated in the proposal.

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