When you start to earn, you are likely to spend more as now you are on your own. You feel the freedom of financial independence as soon as you start earning. You start spending on things, you have dreamed or planned. In the process, you won’t save. As saving is crucial for your or kids’ future or for the mid age and retirement planning, there needs to be some savings working for you. Some people find hard to save. Let’s put it this way. Think of your utility bills. What you do is, as soon as you get phone or electricity bill, you start thinking that I have to pay some amount for the bill; you save that amount into your account and then pay that bill before the due date. Now did you notice what you did here? You actually saved! It’s not that hard. Here you saved some money for the bill. Same goes with savings for you. Take insurance premium notice for example. If you are insured, you get premium notices at a regular period depending on your plan. All you need to do is save some money for that premium and you will see the magic. Rather than going into someone else’s pocket (phone or electricity company), that amount will go into your own pocket, you are actually saving for your own! This amount will keep adding to your savings. In addition, your insurance company will add bonus to this and at the end of your term, you will see that you have saved enough that allows you to see your plans come true!

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